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ATP Program

The Adult Transition Program (ATP) combines classes and community experiences to help students who received a High School Certificate, ages 18 through 22, with various developmental disabilities, learn the skills necessary for a more productive Independent Life. As part of its emphasis on integrated, community-based instruction, the ATP utilizes local schools, public transportation, businesses, students' apartments and classes at Saddleback Community College to provide appropriate training in meaningful environments.

ATP Brochure

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"We will ensure that all our children will learn more today than yesterday, and more tomorrow than today."

The mission of the Adult Transition Program is to develop young adults with special needs into positive, productive, and contributing members of society.  Students in the ATP will demonstrate mastery of a continuum of Transition skills based on their unique level of ability with the goal of successfully transitioning to adult living.  Skills will include social, communication, mobility, independent living, academic, technology, pre-employment, and employment skills.  These skills are developed using Community-Based Instruction (CBI) in addition to classroom and community college instruction.  Students will show respect for themselves and others, maintain regular attendance, exhibit good citizenship, and show an appreciation of diverse cultures.

The Adult Transition Program is a program of 110 young adults with special needs ages 18-22 who have not received a diploma.  The ATP is a continuum of federally-mandated Transition services for students receiving special education.  The program serves students with a wide range of challenges especially those with developmental disabilities.   All students access the community at some level.  Many students attend classes at Saddleback College taking elective and academic classes.  Some students receive work training at local businesses including the cutting-edge internship partnership with Mission Hospital.

The ATP prepares students for involvement in adult community programs and, if possible employment.   The unemployment rate of persons with disabilities is very high.  Our program has one of the highest rates of employment in Southern California.